Wednesday, March 17, 2010

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Great gift idea for any occasion - will thrill any child
Unique personalised adventure books with the kid's name as one of the leading characters!
 Individually printed, customised and illustrated adventure story books where one of the leading characters will carry the name of your choice
How It Works:
Enter the FIRST name of the boy or girl who you want to be the character of the story. After you place the order the book is custom made and printed with the story revolving around that name. The gift message you enter while ordering is printed on the first page.
 Personalised books make great birthday gifts or return-gift ideas for birthday parties. For larger quantities or more information please contact us

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


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Monday, November 30, 2009

Personalised story books for your childrens,

Personalised story books for your childrens,: "New! New! Insert a photo of the child on a beautiful designed page in the Book. Personalized Books for Kids offer a reading experience like no other book c..."

Monday, September 7, 2009

Personalised Gifts, Birthday Gifts, Gifts for all Occasion

Virtual Store Pvt. Ltd. is the first and only Indian Company publishing Personalised Children Story Books under the Brand Name “I and my”.
Taking the phrase “custom-made” a step further“”, has come outwith personalised versions of books wherein, the storyline is modified and the main characters assigned names as per individual orders. What this essentially means is that the reader would now get to read his favourite adventures wherein the principal characters are named after the child and his friends and associates. Reading familiar names and finding one to be the “star” of the storyline encourages kids to read and develop a culture of collecting books. Personalised books reinforce cultural and ethical values via a more user-friendly mediumand also “keep the children away from digital distractions”. Every child will love to own a personalised book, stored on his very own bookshelf, where he can read about himself and be the central character in an exciting adventure. These colourful and well-illustrated personalised books ensure just that. Working with local writers and illustrators, each story has been especially created forchildren of different age groups, introducing them to simple life concepts and nurturing a sense of creativity and self-esteem in them.
Would like to high light the following atributes:
a) First page: Individual Dedication/message on each Book can be either personal, prize from School Principal, Director (intuitional) for some achievement or a Corporate Gift, or a win in some competition. The Name of the Institution or Corporate can be printed along with. Thus creating a valuable collectors item.
b) A child is going to read this book three to four times and show it around to friends.
c) “Dada, this is my book listen I shall read it to you” The old art of story reading and narrating.
d) The last page has added learning value related to the contents of the story.
e) All the books have present living contents. The story where the child finds himself in the story has to be in today’s world and not ”Once upon a time”
f) Last but not least we are creating a sense of collecting books and to value them. That’s why the quality of the Books. Hard Bound, best art paper, A4 size.